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We're proud to partner with Bridlington Bay Lobster

It’s all in the name . . . Whenever you see the Bridlington Bay Lobster name, you know that the lobster on offer is something special.

It’s your assurance that the lobster meets precise quality standards, has been fished with care and comes from a specific area of British waters. You can even trace the individual lobster back to a named Bridlington Bay fishing boat, business or merchant.

A reputable shellfish company in Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Bridlington Shellfish Co.Ltd is a well-established shellfish company based in the fishing town of Bridlington on the East Yorkshire Coast. Established in 2003, we are well known and respected for our sustainable shellfish fishing techniques and wholesale supplies across the UK.


We supply shellfish restaurants, pubs, hotels and fishmongers throughout the nation and across to other countries around the world. For more information on how we can serve you please contact us today.


Sustainable shellfish fishing in Bridlington

Here at Bridlington Shellfish Co.Ltd, we believe our method of fishing is truly one of the most sustainable methods existing today. Our lobster pots do not cause damage to the seabed; we put all the undersize and unwanted catch back into the sea alive after removing them from the pots


Lobster pots act as mini reefs when they are left on the seabed for a period of time. Just like any hard surface under water, they also attract seaweeds and mussels, therefor providing food for other marine life in the sea.

How it Works?

We attach 25 to 30 pots to each other and place baits inside each of them. Each fleet is then placed on the seabed, and their latitudes and longitudes are noted down for the vessels to locate them easily. These fleets are left on the seabed for one day or for the week, and then they are hauled back onboard and emptied.


The keepers caught inside the pots are put in the fish boxes or large drums known as bongos. These drums have fresh sea water running over them that keep the catch alive and healthy. Finally, the unwanted fish or other creatures are put back into the sea alive. The fleets are then baited again and popped back into the sea.


How its Caught?

The lobster or parlour pots have wooden base with hazel, bamboo cane or steel frames. These frames are covered with netting and secured with ropes. The bottom of the pot is lashed with rubber for extra security on the seabed. A plastic tray is placed at the bottom of the pot to prevent the limbs of the crabs and lobsters from slipping through the bottom bars. there is also an escape gap that allows undersized sea creatures to pass out of the pot.


Bands or specially made bait bags are used to secure a bait inside the pot. The baitis made from offal that is left over after filleting fish. The main baits used are the waste products from cod, mackerel, salmon, skate and flounder fish.

Find us

The Former Harbour Masters Office

Harbour Road


East Yorkshire

YO15 2NR

Tel: 01262 409908

Mobile: 07826 547662


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